Software Development


SOFTEK combines the careful assessment of the customer’s needs and resources with state of the art technologies. With our skilled and dynamic workforce, SOFTEK develops high performance application solutions that are innovative, scalable, and secure.  Our architects, consultants, and developers help agencies optimize their resources by using high-quality, innovative technologies to better meet their business objectives.

SOFTEK provides full life cycle software development support, including systems analysis, design, database development support, programming, testing, data analysis, and documentation.

How We Do It

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a common way to deliver software to end users around the world from a centralized location. Using the cloud, software such as CRM, accounting, collaboration, payroll processing, gaming, service desk management, and many other business applications can be hosted and run while reducing IT costs and maintenance.

With a SaaS delivery model, the need for physical distribution of software is eliminated and software can be deployed and updated for end users immediately. Hosting SaaS on the cloud means that the headache of acquiring and maintaining hardware and server licenses is a thing of the past.

Since the beginning of the cloud computing era, we have been developing custom SaaS applications for our clients. More often than not, we become long term partners with our clients and maintain and enhance the SaaS applications we develop for many years. We also provide 2nd level technical support and become a product engineering partner for the life of their product.

Custom Database Design

  • More efficient relationships between data
  • Proper indexing to ensure rapid data processing
  • Complex queries, reports, and calculations
  • Database tier and business tier code generation (ORM)
  • Re-use of popular application and web frameworks
  • Test driven design
  • Usability Reviews
  • Code Reviews

Efficient Custom Database Design is essential to most applications. If built correctly, a database will allow for quick and easy access of data. An improperly built database can make enhancing an application more difficult and time consuming; a properly built database can make these changes quick and easy. At times, such changes will not even require a new deployment of the application.

Our software development team uses a variety of best practices and technologies that allow us to develop and deploy these custom database applications more rapidly than ever before and therefore at a lower cost. We are committed to providing our customers the absolute best custom database design and software development solutions.

Custom Windows Solutions

  • Extensively Documented
  • Development Organized by TFS
  • Scrum Agile Methodology
  • Frequent Team and Client Meetings
  • Manual and Automated Testing
  • Hosted Solutions

We take a disciplined, well documented approach to custom application development. Organization of development tasks and frequent meetings between teams and clients keep the process smooth and efficient. Quality assurance is also important, and all of our applications go through rigorous and continuous testing throughout the development cycle. When your project is complete, we also have hosting, maintenance, and enhancement programs.

Software Testing Solutions

  • Automated UI Testing
  • Security and Penetration Testing
  • Cross Device and Cross Browser Testing
  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis

Thorough software testing is the cornerstone of high quality and successful projects.

Without effective test phases with good test coverage you could lose significant chunks of users, revenue, and effective completions of your goals and you might not ever know it’s even happening.

Automation Testing Solutions

  • .Net C# Unit Tests
  • Coded User Interface Testing ( CUIT )
  • Selenium Web Browser Automation
  • Build verification Testing
  • 24 hour and nightly system checks
  • Automated reporting
  • Q-Unit and Framework driven testing


When functions in a software application need constant monitoring and checks to ensure they are fully operational an automatic test is one of the most financialy viable options to consider. Automation allows product owners to replace manual testers or other staff who would keep an eye on the critical areas during the work week or regular business hours, with software tools that constantly check and report on the status of the most crucial functionality in their systems with almost no downtime.

Code Authority can design and implement coded user interface tests (CUITs) that can test just a few functions or up to thousands of different operations and make assertions about the product regularly without human interaction necessary and then report faults and defects directly to the developers with a large amount of technical information specified about the discovered issues. The test can be custom made for any browser or operating platform and scheduled to run on a regular basis on the webserver or on distributed networks and platforms. CUIT tests operate on the graphical user interface ( GUI ) and perform clicks, swipes drags and keyboard functions just like a regular user.