Securing information and protecting data from threats and vulnerabilities is a continuous process in all dimensions of today’s cyber landscape. Softek has therefore made Cybersecurity its latest venture with the sole intention of protecting, mediating, and resolving such risks for our customers. We protect businesses against cyberattacks and data breaches, secure networks and provide end to end protection of data, prevent unauthorized access, improve recovery time after a breach, regulate security compliance through our policies and procedures and ensure business continuity.

Softek has a very proactive and adaptive approach to keep up with these changing security risks and our cybersecurity experts leave no stone unturned to ensure the safety of our customers’ data.


  • Information Security Governance

  • Assessment & Authorization (A&A)

  • ATO Controls and Procedures

  • Vulnerability & Threat Profiling

  • Static & Dynamic Code Analysis

  • Continuous Monitoring

  • Network Scanning

  • Penetration Testing