SOFTEK helps organizations leverage the ease of deployment and the flexibility of automated platform configuration cloud computing provides. Our cloud strategy provides government or commercial clients with intelligent ways to expand IT services at reasonable costs, and without large up-front infrastructure investment.

Hybrid Cloud Assessment

 SOFTEK's Cloud Assessment takes the mystery and uncertainty out of cloud migration and empowers your company to make the best choices based on your unique business requirements.


Delivered within one to two weeks, the Cloud Assessment provides:

  • Technical Discovery
  • Cloud Infrastructure Design
  • TCO and ROI Analysis
  • Strategic Migration Road Map
  • Server and Application Heat Map Rating
  • Business Case Summary

Why do you need a Cloud Assessment?

  • Empowers your team to make informed cloud strategy decisions
  • Identifies cost savings leveraging your next-generation infrastructure
  • Provides business case justification and reliable ROI
  • Establishes a migration road map for deployments
  • Provides documentation of server and application interdependencies
  • Ideal way to plan the implementation of new or migration of existing systems to the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Enablement

SOFTEK offers a suite of Cloud Enablement services that makes it easier than ever to complete the setup and configuration necessary to activate your connection to the cloud, create the foundational
cloud elements, security setup and cloud training. SOFTEK leverages virtualization and cloud agnostic experience to create Cloud Enablement engagements, tailored to fit your company’s
specific needs and requirements.
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Cloud Foundation
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Training



Cloud Enablement Benefits

  • Ease the transition to the cloud from a technical and business perspective.
  • Attain a solid cloud foundation that supports your existing applications and infrastructure requirements, and provides the flexibility to easily grow and change with your company requirements.
  • Quickly train your team on everything Cloud and enable them to work side by side with SOFTEK’s highly experienced cloud engineers and architects during the implementation process.

Hybrid Cloud Migration


Migrating existing applications to the hybrid cloud can improve performance, provide immediate cost savings and create greater agility. SOFTEK makes the migration process simple, seamless and stress free, and uses a phased approach to ensure that business and compliance requirements are delivered, risks are mitigated and financial targets are met.

SOFTEK combines the Lift and Shift and Greenfield migration methodologies to create the ultimate solution for your existing environment and objectives. Lift and Shift requires limited configuration and is the fastest way to migrate to the cloud, and Greenfield offers complete customization, use of latest technologies, application updates and optimized performance.

A migration with SOFTEK is specifically designed to have little or no impact to ongoing operations.


Included in Your Migration:

  • Detailed and customized migration roadmap, including timeline, required resources and actionable items
  • Establishment of seamless and secure connectivity with on-premises data and applications. Proprietary tools and partner technologies to move your workloads to target cloud platform
  • Complete cost transparency and defined deliverables to minimize risk and maximize your return
  • Systematic testing of applications and services. Project documentation, training and knowledge transfer for your environment

SOFTEK’s Optimization Engagement


Phase 1 – Dynamic Uptime, Scaling and Scheduling
In a typical environment, a large amount of systems are used only during business hours, meaning that backend systems frequently sit idle, other than running monthly, quarterly or yearly batch functions. Phase 1 focuses on helping your company obtain the best ROI from your systems, 24/7/365.

Phase 2 – Leveraging Purchase Commitments
The majority of cloud platform providers offer large discounts for spending commitments-that is, a minimum amount of usage over a period of time. Understanding these models can be the difference between cloud-spend spiraling out of control and ensuring ROI.

Phase 3 – Right-Sizing and Feature Evolution
Many cloud infrastructures start out as “Lift and Shift” projects, where existing on-premises infrastructures are mapped to the cloud on an as-is basis. Although it can be done quickly, this approach can result in oversized and ineffective systems. Even if an infrastructure was perfectly sized at initial set-up, cloud platform providers are constantly updating features and offering performance enhancements.